"When you hunt a bee hive for it's honey, you must always leave some, if you want the bees to stay"

The Honey Hunter

This short tells the story of the Honey Hunter. This Malagasy man has lived in the forest his entire life; his experiences are rich with adventure. As a young boy he was taught by his father how to uncover bee hives resting high above them in the forest canopy, and has since spent each day harvesting this golden nectar using little more than his bare hands, and smoke to calm the bees. Nothing phases him. The height of the trees, the sting of the bees, the risk of falling; all fears are vanquished by a deep-rooted passion for this age-old art. Shot on a combination of stills lenses, the Panasonic GH4 and Sony A7S, this short offers a glimpse into the hidden world of the Honey Hunter.