Our Eco Vision for 2018

We have always had a clear vision of who we are as a company and the type of content we want to create. From the onset, we’ve had a passion for storytelling, creating thought-provoking content and discovering untold narratives which express the richness of human experiences and the natural world. Last year we released our feature-length documentary ‘Madagascar: Life on the Edge’, which had a powerful and lasting impact on all of those involved. ‘Life on the Edge’ was our two-part film release which follows on from ‘The Honey-Hunter’. Both these films explore how locals care for their environment, whilst following a team of local and international expeditioners as they desperately attempt to save the last of the Madagascan forests.

Mesmerised and moved by the beautiful landscapes, people and culture, our team returned with a vision to be more active in protecting our environment. However, whilst our documentary showed beauty, it also highlighted the devastating impact deforestation is having on the natural world. Landscapes such as Madagascar’s forests are home to many endangered species, including the rare Silky Sifaka, a type of lemur nicknamed “angel of the forest”. Like any habitat and ecosystem, the forest is integral to the survival of its wildlife inhabitants.

Whilst our documentary showed beauty, it also highlighted the devastating impact deforestation is having on the natural world

Presently, the forest only covers 20% of its original span, and the expedition was a shocking reminder to all involved that appreciating what remains is not only a privilege but also a matter of urgency. By showcasing the beauty of this declining habitat, we hope to inspire people to care more about the planet. In light of this, our team’s determination to help the environment has been fiercely reignited, and we have since been making a conscious effort to make our business and it’s practices more eco-friendly and sustainable.

We are only at the beginning of our sustainable journey, but so far we have achieved a lot.

Our office is filled with a huge variety of plants, which has been scientifically proven to have several benefits for employees in the office environment. Being surrounded by greenery in our office creates a calming space, which aids in creating a stress-free environment. An Australian study found significant reductions in worker’s stress when plants were introduced into their offices, with results showing a 37% fall in tension and anxiety, a 58% drop in depression, and a 38% reduction in fatigue. The other benefit of having plants in the office is that they clean the air. Studies have found that indoor plants help reduce carbon dioxide levels by 10% in air-conditioned offices and by 25% without air-conditioning.

We have also made use of natural materials throughout our office interior. Our desks, tables and counters were made by us from natural wood purchased from the Bristol Recycling Project. We were very excited to work with this amazing organisation as we’re firm believers of contributing to local business, whilst being creative and doing our bit to make use of recycled material. The results were amazing; our office looks natural, open and bright, which ties in perfectly with our ethos and love of the natural world.

Earlier this week we had a visit from the Carbon Trust, with the aim of reducing our energy consumption. Going forward, we plan to have a smart meter installed and create a communal recycling bin (which, surprisingly our office space currently doesn’t offer). Additionally, we will begin using recycled paper for our printer, continuing to recycle all our batteries from Bristol Camera Lab, use reusable mugs in and out of the office, and buy fair-trade/organic products wherever we can.

We are proud to be contributing to the preservation of our environment, even if it is just on a small scale. Every big change begins with small actions, and we want to encourage every office to begin evaluating how they can make their office more eco-friendly.

In timing with WWF’s online campaign #PromiseForThePlanet, we promise to make a continual conscious effort to work as sustainably as possible.