Over the past 6 months we have been busy honing our craft, producing rich content for all to see. Our travels have taken us across multiple continents, capturing unique moments and building everlasting relationships in the process. The journey to this launch has been unforgettable, and we can’t wait to share some of our stories with you over the coming weeks.

We have a passion for storytelling, which propels us to search for thought provoking content and untold narratives.

Exploring the richness of the natural world, and the incredible breadth of human experience that goes on in and around it.

We are a talented young team of creative professionals, all highly skilled and deeply passionate about film, united by a common vision of making heartfelt, watchable films which document the beauty of the people and world around us.

Alongside our filming arm, we have a technical department named ‘Bristol Camera Lab’ specialising in environmental camera solutions and custom builds. 

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Over the next 8 weeks we’ll be releasing some great content, sharing our behind the scenes journeys and experiences with you, so please for more information please follow us on:

Instagram: @falconproductions


Cheers from the team,
Falcon Productions