Insights into our approach to filmmaking, and more

The Chair Maker: What is it?

The Chair Maker is our short film about Lawrence Neal, a master craftsman and the last rush-seat chair maker in England who makes a living from his craft. It tells the story of Lawrence’s life, the history of his craft, and the wider picture [...]

Our Eco Vision for 2018

We have always had a clear vision of who we are as a company and the type of content we want to create. From the onset, we’ve had a passion for storytelling, creating thought-provoking content and discovering untold narratives which express [...]

The Master Tanner

When we entered the Tannery for the first time, we knew we were somewhere special. We were taken on a tour of the grounds by Barry – the Master Tanner – (and lead character in the film), he turned and told us he really couldn’t see how we [...]